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Born in Los Angeles, Deborah Frankel studied photography from
age 15, continuing through college at the University of Denver,
the University of Colorado at Boulder, and the Art Center College
of Design in Pasadena, California, where she received her BFA
in 1984. Deborah has worked from studios in Hollywood and New York.
She currently lives and works in Malibu, California.

Deborah cares deeply for the environment both inside
and outside ourselves. She donates her time and a percentage of the
proceeds from her upcoming book, Beauty Before Me, toward
peaceful people and a peaceful, sustainable planet.

Deborah's influences range from Georgia O'Keefe, Cy Twombly,
Tina Modotti, Paolo Roversi, and Annie Leibovitz, to Neil Young,
John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, and the Rolling Stones. Her series of
waves, flowers, and trees, as well as her portraits, including the
coming of age portrait series of Danielle, each reveal a poetic journey
and lessons in romantic soulfulness. Deborah continues to embrace
the true essence of nature as her muse, in her life as an artist and as
a mother of two.

To attain the beautiful prints, Deborah works with the Fresson family
in Paris who create gorgeous hand-made prints on cotton paper
using a process begun in 1899. Each layer of color - cyan, magenta,
yellow, black, brown, etc - is exposed separately to the paper which is
coated with a mixture of light-sensitive gelatin, pigment and bichromate
compound. The non-exposed part of the print is removed with a mixture
of sawdust and water. The entire process is chemical-free. It produces
subtle pointillist tonalities in color that last forever.

Deborah also works with printers in New York and Los Angeles
using digital pigment printing and traditional printing processes.

deborah frankel photography

Selected Exhibitions

Skidmore Contemporary Art Gallery, Malibu, CA

Laumont Editions Gallery, New York, NY

Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York, NY

Winston Wachter Gallery, New York, NY and Seattle, WA

Kathy Kennedy/Photoworks, New York, NY

Joel Soroka Gallery, Aspen, CO

Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Hollywood, CA

G. Ray Hawkins Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

SK Josephsberg Gallery, Portland, OR

deborah frankel photography

Selected Collections

The Ralph Lauren Collection

Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Voyager Capitol Corporation

Angelique Berens

William Floyd

Steve Golin

Andrea Jung

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kuhn

Leonard Lauder

Philippe Laumont

Kenny & Julia Loggins

Paulo & Caroline Pereria

Carol Wachs

deborah frankel photography

Photography for

Capitol Records

Elektra Records

Geffen Records

Italian Vogue Magazine

Progressive Artists Agency

W Magazine

Suzuki Motorcycles

First Interstate Bank

Sharon Brown

Natalie Cole

Martha Davis

Stacy Galina

Liz Goldwyn

Malcolm MacLaren

Maria McKee

Larry John McNally

Amanda Mettler

Bonnie Raitt

Mia Sara

Vinessa Shaw

Danielle Steckler

Leni Stern

Susan Traylor

Arisa Wolf

Hans Zimmer

deborah frankel photography



deborah frankel photography